Disclosure Policy

Basic Stance for Information Disclosure

In order to obtain trust from shareholders and investors, Accretive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Accretive”) improves management transparency and provides accurate its corporate information properly and timely. Accretive will continue effort on fair disclosure for shareholders and investors to understand our management philosophy, business model, management strategies and operating environment accurately under compliance.

Moreover, Accretive will inform management team of valuable opinions obtained through communication with shareholders and invesitors, reflect them to better corporate activities, and aim to improve corporate value.

Standard for Information Disclosure

Accretive discloses material information to the public in accordance with securities exchange law and “rules regarding the timely disclosure of company information of the issuer of public stocks” (hereinafter “the timely disclosure rules”) stipulated by Tokyo stock exchange.

Furthermore, Accretive seeks to voluntarily provide general corporate information, not stipulated for release by the timely disclosure rules.

Accretive sets an internal information management rule for the management of internal information and disclosing important fact. And, Accretive improves properly on appropriate flows for the information disclosure under the law and the related rules.

Disclosure Methods

Accretive discloses material information through the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet), makes press releases to the local media in Japan, and posts information on Accretive's official website.

Forward-Looking Statements

Information disclosed by Accretive contains information relating to future outlook, which includes risks and uncertainties. Please be reminded that actual results may differ significantly from these forecasts for a number of factors. Such factors include, but are not limited to economic trends affecting Accretive’s operating environment and changes in its competitive environment.

Terms of use (Cautionary statement)

Purpose of the website

This website is created for the purpose of disclosing information to the public. It is not created to solicit investors to buy or sell Accretive’s share. Please make your investment decisions based on your own judgment.

Information posted the website

Although Accretive makes sure that the information posted on the website to be accurate, please note that Accretive shall not be liable for any inconveniences caused as a result of any error in the information provided or from downloading of the data.
Furthermore, Accretive shall not be liable for the content of any other website that is linked to the website.

About stock price information

Stock price information is linked to the website provided by Nomura Securities Co.,Ltd. Accretive shall not give any guarantee for the content of the stock price information. Furthermore, Accretive will not make any comment on our stock price.

About the operation of the website

Accretive reserves the right to change or remove content from this website without prior notice. Accretive shall not be liable for any damages resulting from interrupted orz discontinued operation of the website or change in information posted on the website, regardless of the reasons.